Saturday, May 9, 2015

Domesticated Red Fox

I came across this BuzzFeed article that featured a domesticated red fox named Rylai.

According to Jennifer (the fox's owner), Rylai's family is more than 100 years removed from living in the wild, so she wouldn't be able to survive out there.

Any thoughts about the domestication of this red fox? the breeding of it? training/caring for a fox?

The only thing that can be concluded from this article is that Rylai is incredibly cute.

Link to the article:

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  1. I feel like this question gets back to the question of if wolves should have been domesticated into dogs and our responsibilities to dogs nowadays. Personally, the idea of whether or not a dog or fox in this case can survive in the wild cannot be answered until the act itself. I have seen countless stories of dogs surviving long treks or bouts of isolation from society but managed to survive. Of course, this probably means that multitudes more have died in the same situation, leading me to conclude that it ultimately comes down to an individual's ability to survive--one cannot simply aggregate this experience.