Monday, May 4, 2015

About the Cicada

This article about the Cicada by Fabre was quite interesting because the Cicada is quite similar to the way the human's act. There are many metaphors in this article such as how Fabre describes the Cicada to be a beggar because he/she doesn't gather food during the winter but instead continue to plays his "song" while the ant grabs food.
Relating to the human life, anyone that tends to slack instead of work ends up falling behind.

Another metaphor that Fabre has said about the Cicada was that, the Cicada has some sort of plate that they get and put into their body to play their music. This moves their organs to the side because there needs to be space for that particular object.
Relating to humans this can be seen as humans having so much heart for something they love to do that they are willingly going to sacrifice anything to continue doing what they love to do.

There are many more metaphors in this article and was wondering if anyone else wanted to share some with the class?

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  1. After reading Fabre, I was struck by how simple descriptions of animal movement could be easily read as a very descriptive fable. That got me to thinking that perhaps Aesop's fables are sometimes the result of observation rather than an allegorical story of human behavior. After all, Fabre's defense of the cicada was in response to a fable. What does everyone else think?