Friday, May 15, 2015

Anxious Dogs

My boyfriend and I got a puppy a month or so back - a small one, at most she'll be four pounds fully grown. My father had always been against small dogs. He would call them "rats" and "vermin," which pretty much sums up his opinion. He had warned me all my life about how they whine and bark. I chose to ignore him.

But now we have Nora, a beautiful, white and apricot colored teacup poodle. She's incredibly sweet and loving; we've taught her "come," to go into her crate when called, and to (mostly) stop biting. It's easy to say I adore her.

But, wow, she is annoying. When she starts, when she needs attention or to go to the bathroom or is simply just bored, her whining is incessant. Doesn't matter what we do, even if we pick her up and hold her like an infant, the high pitched noise will not stop.

I've looked up several methods to train her to stop. One site suggests ignoring her completely, not even to look at her, whenever she whines - a difficult task, considering we have roommates who also are affected by her wails. Another site suggests a spray bottle or a shake can, creating negative reactions whenever she squeaks. That method was funny. My father jokingly said we should get a shock-collar. I would be lying if I said we hadn't considered it, but she's too small, such a shock would kill her.

All in all, day by day, it's getting better. Maybe a miracle cure will come to us soon.

Good thing puppies are cute.

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