Sunday, May 17, 2015

Communication Between Human and Nonhuman Animals

The story, "Am I Blue?" by Alice Walker, brings up an interesting point of how well human animals and nonhuman animals are able to communicate. It seems as though many people do not realize that human animals and nonhuman animals have their own way of communicating and understanding one another. In her story Walker introduces this, "...I was shocked that I had forgotten that human animals and nonhuman animals can communicate quite well." The video below shows that humans are able to interpret what nonhuman animals, in this case dogs, are feeling by simply listening to them barking.

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  1. Very good video of new discoveries regarding dogs communicating with humans. I think that it’s very interesting what Dr. McCloskey has discovered. Dogs have changed the way they bark in order to communicate with us humans. We can interpret what the dogs are trying to tell us just by listening to their six main barks. All in all the new system Dr. McCloskey has implemented a great technique in order to decode the bars of dogs.