Thursday, June 11, 2015

Should Hunting Be Banned?

One of the topics that I expected to be discussed in the class was the ethics of hunting.  Is hunting a necessary thing people have to do in today's world?  After all it seems that hunting has lost its point, food is not scarce anymore.  Most of us would probably also agree that hunting for the enjoyment of killing is wrong.  So why not ban hunting?  I personally believe that we should not ban the practice of hunting, there is more to it than what was described above.  Legitimate hunting is very regulated and closely monitored during hunting seasons. Hunting keeps the population of animals from exploding and wrecking the ecosystem. Poachers are the real problem we should be cracking down on.  Hunting is also a part of culture in other areas of the country.  To sum up my answer "should hunting be banned?" I would have to say no, it is not as inhumane and barbaric as people think.    

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