Saturday, June 6, 2015

PETA Does Not Care About Your Pet

People should not trust PETA when it comes to animal welfare. They have been proven to not be in the interest of helping pets. PETA has said that they do not condone the practice of pet keeping due to human cruelty to pets. While the worst humans are those who are cruel to animals, the majority of pet owners are very loving to their pets, and this love is reciprocated by the pets. Against PETA are two sources that I believe people for animal rights should trust: Snopes and the Huffington Post. Snopes is a quick google search away from debunking any online myth and the Huffington Post is one of the Online News Moguls with a strong pro-animal bias. I have heard numerous unsubstantiated claims that PETA has been seen in neighborhoods stealing pets and euthanizing them because they believe pets are slaves, and a slave is better dead than a slave. At the posted link we see that PETA have been involved with this practice but not convicted. In the Huffington Post article, the author digs deep and publishes a scathing report on PETA's "animal shelters" and how in 2011 96% of all animals admitted were killed. That is 4% shy of an effective slaughterhouse. If you are triggered by animal cruelty then you should not read the article. There are pictures and there are numerous graphic accounts of the suffering these animals go through. DO NOT SUPPORT PETA, THEY DO NOT SUPPORT ANIMALS.

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