Tuesday, June 2, 2015

"Power Steer" Reflection

After finish reading this article, I feel that the person that bought the cow has very good ethic morals. He wanted to raise his own food instead of having the cows already killed. Even though he spent a lot of money and didn't make much profit. It was all about the fact that he spent months feeding the cow with corn (protein to make it bigger), instead of just buying the steak itself from the store. This displayed a great look on humanities since he took responsibility for the crucial transaction between the consumer and animals that he tried to eat.
Does anyone else feel the same way as this is the right doing? It might cost a lot of time and money but in the end, it's reimburse with feeling great about yourself. I believe the only difficult thing is not to get attach to the cow otherwise it'd be hard for that person to put the cow down.

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