Thursday, April 16, 2015

The Sexual Politics of Meat, continued!

All right, y'all. As promised, here's my first contribution: An advertisement I found in Woodstock's Pizzeria in the fall.
The ALL MEAT ORGY to support men's health. What do you think of this promotion? Is it in line with Adams's work? If you find other advertisements that seem like good examples of Adams's argument (or examples of a counterargument!) please feel free to contribute below.



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  2. Here's a product with a similar strain of advertising strategy. This product is not related to meat, but generally advertises to one specific gender over another:
    Here's another:

    I don't think there's anything wrong with appealing to femininity OR masculinity. So some men wants to act 'manly' and some women want to act 'womanly'. Why not? Treating members either gender in different ways is not the same as treating them unfairly. Ad producers, marketers and meat-makers want to appeal specifically to masculinity when advertising meat, body deodorant, etc. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that.