Friday, April 24, 2015

Bisclavret thoughts

Personally, I found this reading to be intriguing and easy to read through, as the medieval times are full of curiosity. What I got out of the reading was the theme of karma or the "what goes around comes around." The woman is portrayed as a fraudulent wife and the reader can only hope for justice. The fact that the woman betrayed his husband and that the husband was able to get revenge satisfies the reader in a way. This same kind of feeling is felt for tv shows or movies when the supposed protagonist ends up being victorious or gets their way with things.
Bisclavret teaches a moral to animals that in order for animals to interact with humans, they need to or at least seem to be domesticated by humans. On the other hand, humans such as myself see this as a form of precaution. It is amazing that this remains true today. This story still feels like an unrealistic fable because it just so happens that one person under the king cared that much for a werewolf that he was willing to keep an eye on the werewolf's actions and convince the king that he was a human.

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